Modern Families – A Visit from My Grandpa

Another post as inspired by The Daily Prompt:

Modern Families
If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

Before my dear paternal grandfather, Kong Kong, passed away, we used to eat live with him. Hence, I can only dream of having him for dinner again and imagine how he’s reaction would be like.

If Kong Kong is back for dinner, here are the things which would surprise him:

  1. To go from home to a restaurant or one place to home, we won’t check driving maps beforehand or ask strangers along the wayfor directions. That’s what GPS is for! We’ll probably spendthe whole journey discussing how GPS works, howaccurate it is, and what’s wrong with peoplenowadays with him. Haha!

  2. When people come home to join us for dinner, no one will knock on the door. Instead, we text/call whoever is home to open the door for us when we’re 5 minutes away. “Hello? Can you help me open the door please?”

  3. We’ve become more religious and closer to each other now. So, he’ll definitely be surprised to see my sisters and I saying grace before meals and doing it together – I might even be the one leading! 🙂

  4. Taking photos of food before eating. He’ll totally scold us for making food wait and appreciating the food for its looks instead of the taste. He’ll go, “Tsk tsk tsk… food is for eating, not for taking pictures.” And, of course, the rest of these witty remarks… He probably would have coined these memes if he was around.27126537 (1)  People-taking-food-pics9
    (Photo credit: Memegenerator and Xaxor)
  5. Thenumber of times the words “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Selfie”, “Hashtag” and “Check-in”will be used over dinner.Whatthewhat?!

  6. My younger cousins each having an iPad to play with… He’ll probably force them how to play scrabble/sos/xoxo onserviettes and everyone will ignore him, except for me. I miss playing those games with him.

  7. Ama (my paternal grandma; his wife) actually having her own iPad Mini with tons of games – with Mahjong and Fruit Ninja being her top favourite! He will be like, “what rubbish is this?!” Haha!

We will have a very interesting dinner, indeed. What do you think, huh, Kong? Miss you! ❤

12 thoughts on “Modern Families – A Visit from My Grandpa

  1. Oh the dinner will definitely be very interesting.
    And yours is the only post I have read so far which says that you have become more religious than before. Good thing!
    Again awesome post


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