No Apologies – French Fries

Thought it would be fun to answer today’s Daily Prompt. So, here goes:

No Apologies
What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

My guilty pleasure is french fries (with tomato ketchup)!!! ❤

It’s my favourite comfort food of all time! Whatever mood I’m in, french fries is a must-have. Cravings are worst for some days of the month, of course. Sometimes, I wonder how people can have a meal without french fries. Oh – imagine those golden slender slices of potato! It can be seasoned with salt, cheese or truffles, or dipped in ketchup or vanilla ice cream, I will never say no to it. I don’t mind wedges, twister or shaker fries too!

Sadly, french fries are deep fried, probably full of trans fats and salt. It’s fattening to the max! And, the amount of exercise to burn those of deep fried potato sticks off is just insane! One medium french fries from the golden arches has 380 calories. And I need 98 minutes of walking, 40 minutes of running or 54 minutes of cycling to burn that off. Sigh… “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” I said, I’ll cut back on carbs but nope – not my fries, yo!

French fries are too good for me to follow any philosophy. The calorie count and exercise equivalent is not going to deter me. That wonderful “moment” is soooo worth it. Plus, french fries don’t judge; it’s people who do! So, on a bad day, I’d rather hang out with my french fries than humans. It makes me feel better and makes my tummy feels happier. Offer it to a stranger and make a new friend. Or use it as a mini sword to fend off any foe. Haha!

Oh look at this french fries haven. So, truly, this is my mantra:

After all, in a world of Happy Meals, how can one live without french fries? ❤

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