Horse’s Mouth

After a long week at work. I finally got to catch up with my intern friends again! We had such a profound but hilarious discussion about social interaction and dating and dreams. Too cool for me to share.

Instead, let me share about the bar we went to. It is called Horse’s Mouth. It is tucked in a hidden unassuming entrance at Forum – The Shopping Mall. You either need to enter via Uma Uma Ramen upstairs or via Yoshiyuki at the basement.

This is how the place looks like once you enter. With dim lighting and an overhead light for each table, it seems like we were having a secret underground meeting on how to take over the world. Haha!

IMG_0443 IMG_0444

My friends had dinner here but since I was late, I didn’t manage to try anything.

The drinks menu was quite sparse and pricey. That said, you can ask for special or customised drinks.


Here’s my dearly missed friends… Dee, Warren, and Bella ❤


Interestingly, Dee and Bella’s choice of drink reflected their personality so well. That’s a special concoction, Mononoke and Ami’s Lychee respectively. All of them were strong and has a unique taste. But, I liked the Lychee one the most – sweet, elegant, and classy.

And, given our topic for the night, we needed another round… Heh!


That’s the Nori Margarita, another special, and Mononoke again.

And, the weird thing is no one seems to stay for long. This is probably one because of the hefty price. But, well, that means no one’s chasing us off and more underground talks for us.


Here’s our group photo! ❤

Information is as follows:
#B1-39 Forum The Shopping Mall, 583, Orchard Road
Tel. 6235 1088
Facebook. The Horse’s Mouth


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