Gratitude List: Week 19

  1. Completed the 30 Day Book Challenge! You can find all the posts here.
  2. A great friend Cumuloquoise to complete 30DBC with.
  3. I try not to talk about work – but gotta say, that was one heck of a hectic, productive and exhausting work week!
  4. New friends and awesome music from The Jive Collective.

    IMG-20140505-WA0002 20140508_223234

  5. These adorable children ❤
    marhamah and mushira
  6. A 5km night jog and 2 morning swims. 🙂
  7. Four nights with drinks and awesome company at Blackbird, work event, Kazbar, Horse’s Mouth.
  8. Night out at Horse’s Mouth with Dee, Warren, and Bella. (see post here)
    ie love
  9. Mother’s Day! Spent a lovely time with my (spiritual) mom – Mother Mary – and my (earthly) mom. ❤

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