Witness Protection from a Stranger

Today’s Daily Prompt topic is:

Witness Protection
When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?

Strangers! So that I can be like this:

Haha! Somehow, I find myself feeling more confident when I don’t know anyone in the crowd. That way, no one has pre-conceived notions of me; no baggage, no expectations. Hence, It’s easier to be whoever I want to be, doing whatever I want. I can even pretend to be someone else. Sometimes, I would imagine being a different person (in terms of character, personality or status) to gather the guts and the confidence I need to do something. Subsequently, I’ll break my own self-imposed barriers and surprise myself with something I didn’t know I could do.

Plus, when I do something foolish around strangers, no one will be there to remind me again after. It will just be done and gone. It’s like – it happened but since no one knows, it can be a little secret inside me. And, I’d still be able to tell myself, “at least you tried…” In fact, I’d occasionally find myself intentionally trying something new or doing something crazy on my own thinking, I’d only share it with others after  (if it works out). Hmm… Now I know why I come across as being outgoing and independent.

That said, when I do something scary or adventurous, I’d probably appreciate having one partner-in-crime around. Someone who can motivate me or double check my logic. In the very least, he/she can cheer me on from the sidelines. It would be great to have someone to comfort me, discuss things with, or laugh with after whatever crazy thing I do.

Also, when I know I’m about to face somethings stressful (i.e., job interviews), I telling my close friends and usually, my sisters. I appreciate knowing that I have someone supporting (and praying) for me from afar. I realised that the emotional support is really helpful even when you don’t see them. It means a lot.

So, yep. Dear stranger,

How about you? Which do you prefer?


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