A Tale of Two Cities – Three Possible Scenarios

Apologies for the absence, I was a bit busy the past few days, and honestly, the prompts weren’t so compelling for me to lose sleep over them.

That said, today’s Daily Prompt is very tempting with the question being:

A Tale of Two Cities
If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?

I can’t decide where those two places would be exactly but here are my few choices:

  1. Philippines and Singapore

    If splitting my time in two places is even remotely possible, that would be my dream come true as it appeals to this migrant heart of mine. I’ve spent 14 years of my life in the Philippines and more than 10 years in Singapore. Since I’ve already established my life here in Merlion-land, it’s where I want to stay. After all, the friends, culture, and life style I know are all based here. But, I do always miss my family back home and the laid back and carefree culture in the Pinoy-land. Hence, if it’s possible for me to spend half of my day in the Philippines with my sisters, grandma, cousins, and relatives, that would be the perfect life for me! ❤
    Bubblews Singapore-skyline-300x198

  2. A Developed Country and A Developing Country

    I’d like to spend my first 12 hours in a developed country like Singapore, Germany or New York, to fully utilise my brain cells and earn big bucks. Then, I’d like to spend my next 12 hours in a developing country like Cambodia, Laos, Sudan or Rwanda to teach children and women how to read, write, count, and world events. Plus, by splitting my time evenly into half, I can have a quantifiable balance with my need to be practical and realistic against my want to help others and make their life better. And, then, I’d be able to go back to Him and say, “yes. I am planting all Your seeds and living Your gift of life to the fullest!” ❤
    IMG_6734-Edit%255B5%255D tumblr_llvptyC4Nq1qhmhdfo1_500

  3. The Books and the World Wide Web

    Filled with curiosity and wonder for new things, I enjoy gathering information and hearing people’s story. I was initially tempted to say “the encyclopedia” but that’s probably obsolete in this dynamic age. Instead, I’m going to say, the world wide web a.k.a. the internet, so that I can monitor what’s happening in the world, monitor new discover, and be literally submerged with all the information. For the second half of my time, I’d need to escape into a hole and submerge myself into imaginary/fictional world. So, if I could spend half my time reading books and stories of people before us and making friends with fictional characters and famous authors, especially from the  classics, that would be awesome! Yep, I’ll be a bookworm geek! 🙂

How about you? How would you like to split your time in “a tale of two cities?

Photo credits  to: Bubblews, Planetden, Law of FashionMy Cute Graphics, and Huffington Post.


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