Gratitude List: Week 18

  1. World Wish Day – and being part of the awesome foundation which makes this happen.
  2. Also, this week commemorated Labour Day, Stars Wars Day (yes, may the fourth be with you), and Audrey Hepburn’s 85th Birthday! 🙂
  3. Finished reading Gillian Flinn’s “Dark Places” and Muriel Spark’s “The Driver’s Seat
  4. Watching “The Amazing Spider-man 2” with Margie, Jesp, Ryan, and Sharon (and the camaraderie among us!)
  5. Leonard lending me “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything
  6. Drinks at The Vintner on Duxton and The Study at Keong Saik Road. (read post here). The cool part of this was the company – that’s Aggie, Yohanes, Edward, Jon, Leonard, and Wesley. Imagine our surprise to hear those last two coming for drinks?! Plus, Jon kindly gave us a lift home too! 🙂
    the library
  7. A delicious dinner at Fosters Restaurant (read post here).
  8. A nice stroll through botanic gardens, a visit to adorable shelties, and a private live jazz performance.
  9. Restaurants with funky and quirky menu. These are menu which look like a comic book, a cook book, a newspaper, and a magazine. Cool, huh?
    menu quirky
  10. A catch up with Tita Grace all the way from The States.
  11. A friday of sleeping in and nothingness followed by bonding time with mom.
  12. Bumping into Steph at SPP’s adoration room after a long day at work.
  13. Bumping into Jude during the Novena Service – it’s been a while.
  14. God arranging for me to spontaneously meet my friends and subtly send short but sweet messages through them. ❤
  15. Having a chance to reflect on what I believe in (read post here).

Unfortunately, I didn’t exercise this week. Yes, I was a sloth! So, I shall aim to do 3km for at least times this coming week… Since, it’s another busy week, that’s gonna take more effort.

Plus, Jesp and one of my maternal uncle (for two different reasons) are sick. Please do help me pray for them to recover soon.

Thanks, everyone! With that, I shall leave you with Zoella’s cheery tata! ❤


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