The Study – A Library at Keong Saik Road


After much chit chat and schedule coordination, my friends and I finally found the time to visit “The Study.” I guess it’s timely given that it’s Labour Day (Weekend), after all and it’s been a year since most of us have started working.

So did you hear about “The Library” at Keong Saik Street? The one which looks like a bookshop from the outside but if you say a certain password (which changes every week), you get to be ushered to a classy secret bar behind the shelves? Yup. That’s the one we went to.

This is basically how it looks like on the outside… And, there’s so much things to like inside this quaint little shop house.

So, this is how the interior looks like. Yup, they manage to maintain a mysterious study feel to it. I won’t be surprised if Sherlock Holmes or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde suddenly pops out of a corner. IMG_0379IMG_0373IMG_0374Just like any other library, The Study has different “reading” areas – the bar versus dinner area – which they open up and combine after a certain hour. You can think of one as the general patronage area while the other is the “restricted” section. 

IMG_0377 2IMG_0380IMG_0372One of the things I am really amazed about is the effort they put in with regards to the menu.

The menu from the dinner area comes in hard cover “books” where the choices are split in different chapters and topics. My friend even said the drawings and illustrations makes the menu look like a biology book.

In contrast, the drinks menu at the bar area comes in handy comic book styles which bigger font sizes for the not-so-sober. Haha!

You can actually see the food menu here and the drinks menu here.
PS: They even have a “designated driver” chapter too! 😉



We all came from elsewhere (i.e., OT work) so we weren’t very hungry anymore. Instead, we just ordered a few bites. These were the House-cut duck fat and sea salt chips ($9) and Jason’s Very Hot Dog was super yummy. The salsa for the hot dog (whatever that was) is so tasty and delicious. Do try it!

A friendly tip though – get more servings of the chips. Drinking people can apparently making food disappear.


And, here are the drinks I’m gonna recommend you – a.k.a. my poison for the night.

The first one is called Mai O Mai ($23). It’s made up of Caribbean rums, green Chartreuse, absinthe, fresh passionfruit and lemon served with lots of pretty flowers and herbs. And, I gotta tell you – I really went, “my oh my!” Don’t be fooled by the sweet looking garnish, it’s served in a medieval shaped glass for a reason. It has a pretty strong kick!

The second one is Shrub-a-dub-dub. It’s made up of gin, vermouth, apple juice, green tea, honey, mixed citrus served in a bath tub with a floating rubber ducky. It comes in greenish blue colour that might smell like mouthwash but it is a pretty refreshing drink. For $90, you can share it among 4-6 persons.

And, last but not the least, here are the friends I enjoyed an amazing night with! ❤

IMG_0376 IMG_0384 IMG_0385 IMG_0383IMG_0387

The Study is an awesome place indeed! The price tag might be a little hefty but it’s definitely worth that occasional splurge. So, if you and your friends would like to treat yourself and try something new, do try it. 🙂

Information are as follows:
47 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089151
T: 6221 8338
You can visit their website here or follow them on Facebook here.
PS: Special thanks to William for being a friendly host for the night! (:


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