Worst Case Scenario – A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Question for Today’s The Daily Prompt is:

Worst Case Scenario
Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

Honestly, why are we even talking about this? For a moment there, I thought of coming up with something insanely crazy – something with Godzilla and The Avengers battling it off and the whole Singapore crashing down. Thought that would be the worst and the best fictional fantasy. But, a quick IM to my friend, and after I came back from my chores, she already had it all figured out with something that hits closer to home. So, I thought we should share her idea instead.

Featuring our Guest Blogger Cumuloquoise (with a minor addition by me) on the worst case scenario of the day.

You walk into a wall instead of the door
The air con is too cold
You grab the wrong clothes
You forget your towel
You wash your face with shampoo and your hair with face wash
You toothbrush falls in the toilet
Your hair’s soaking wet but your blow dryer decides to malfunction
You use deodorant as your hair spray and hair spray as your deodorant
You forget your handphone and your fare card
It’s pouring wet
Your umbrella is a cup holder of rain
Train is in six minutes
Everyone’s waiting for it
No space
Four trains later you get in
Your stuck between a fat guy and someone who hasn’t showered
Their armpits are in your face
It’s then you realise you forgot your phone
When you want to complain about it to your friend
You’re late
And soaking wet for so many reasons
Soaking wet down to your socks
And it is then you decide to get your period
The train stalls
You get a faceful of armpit hair
By the time you get to the office your shower has been completely pointless
You smell and you’re still soaked
You’re at your desk and it stops raining
And then you get bombarded with ALL THE WORK
Papers and deadlines and emails and phone calls
Meanwhile your office mate at the desk next to you plays Maple Story
You don’t get time to get a cup of coffee or a toilet break
You’re just a working machine
No time for lunch
Even though you’re starving
And when you think it’s finally time to leave your boss asks you to work OT
And your Maple Story friend is already out the door
And half the office lights have been turned off
And the next thing you know it’s 11.30pm
And you head out
And you realise the door is locked
And you panic
Cause you have no phone
And you have cramps
And you bang at the door like an idiot for half an hour
Until you realise you’re stupid cause you’re inside
And you lock from the outside
And the reason why you didn’t realise this is cause of exhaustion
So you decide to take a taxi
And a guy on the street asks you if you’re interested in insurance
And he coops you up for fifteen minutes
And during that time all you can stare at is the green lights going by
And you just take his business card and make your way home
And you take an hour flagging a taxi
And when you finally get in one it turns out the driver is absolutely clueless at Knowing how to get to your address
And the fare turns out to be twice as much as it should be
You reach home
No messages no voicemail
No one realised you were off grid the whole day
You deserve a drink to end your day
Or so you thought
Until you realise you’re all out of stock
So you continue
You crash on your bed
And your bed crashed

Haha! So, dear Cumoloq, thanks for helping me with today’s Daily Prompt.
Dear everyone, please do visit Cumuloquoise at her site. She has tons of book, movie, youtube, game reviews, poems and tons of cool stuff over there!

Also, I found another hilarious gif-filled “had the worst day ever” post from Gurl. Check it out!

And to nullify this terrible prompt to start our weekend, I’m sending well wishes and ❤ ❤ ❤ to everyone! Have the best weekend ever! 🙂


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