Pride and Joy – What’s In My Bag

Following today’s Daily Prompt, seems like we are going to talk about:

Pride and Joy
What’s your most prized possession? GO!

Since we the topic is about my “most prized possession,” I thought I should talk about things I can’t leave the house without. After all, if I carry them everywhere all the time, it must be really important to me right? Plus, I always wonder why people share the contents of their bag – what reason do they have? Fortunately, this prompt gives me a perfect opportunity to do the same. Haha.

So, to share “what’s in my bag” in no particular order, here goes..


  1. My trusty all-purpose Samsung Galaxy S4 handphone
  2. A bunch of keys, thumb drive, bank security token, and L.A. key chain from my sister
  3. Adorable “Free Hugs” pouch with my Rosary inside
  4. Apple iPod Touch for music
  5. The Body Shop’s Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream
  6. Accessorize Wallet with my cash and cards
  7. Kobo Glo eReader and all my precious books inside
  8. Vaseline lip balm
  9. A black pen (Weirdly, I’ve learnt to not carry a notebook anymore which means if I need to doodle, I write on random serviette and hope not to lose it)
  10. My St Benedict Crucifix necklace
  11. Yellow Fossil watch from my dad
  12. Klipsch S4 earphones for “a concert in my cranium”

How about you? What’s your “pride and joy?” Check out what the rest of the WordPress community values on this page.

14 thoughts on “Pride and Joy – What’s In My Bag

  1. I use to carry so much stuff in my bag. Band aids and antiseptic, I had tiny scissors in my sewing kit, I even found little scotch tape that I carried. Yes my bag was heavy but if you needed it chances are I had it. You’re bag is organized and that’s a good thing.


    • Haha thanks. I’ve learnt to discard and ‘travel light’ thru the years. I think my phone helps such that I dont have to carry a notebook and an organiser anymore while Kobo minimises my need to carry bulky books. Maybe, it’s time to spring clean your bag too! (:


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