The Marmalade Pantry


To celebrate Easter (and the end of lent), my girl friends and I have decided to dress up and treat ourselves to some yummy mouth-watering sinful food.

So, we went to The Marmalade Pantry at Ion Orchard for brunch-cum-tea.

Check out the food we had below.


Bananas and Berries Hotcakes with honeycomb, butter, and maple syrup ($17)

IMG_0324The Marmalade Mac and Cheese on a skillet with mozarella, parmesan, emmental and gruyere ($24) – I must say, this was quite good!

IMG_0326Puttanesca – black olives, capers, basil, chilli, anchovy and parsley ($22)

IMG_0328 IMG_0329Beef burger with cheese, balsamic onion, and sweet potato fries ($28)

And, while waiting for the food, we have time to take some pics!

IMG_0331 IMG_0332 IMG_0334And, of course we’ve got to have at least one group photo! Say cheeeese!

Then, let’s move on for the desserts… We actually surprisingly and embarrassingly have the same number of desserts as we had for our mains.


Hazel Cupcake – chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut frosting ($4.80)


Classic Baked Apple Pie ($8) – look at all those wonderful apple layers!


Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding with vanilla ice cream ($14) – This is awesome!


Old-fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake ($8) – This is so huge and reach, please share it among 3-4 people when you order it next time.

IMG_0341 IMG_0342

Iced Latte – vanilla bean, ice cream, espresso, drinking chocolate ($9) and
Delicious (raspberry, honeydew, rock melon) freshly squeezed juice mix ($8).

So, that’s the end of our yummy meal! 🙂

But, since all of us wore a dress (including Steph), we have to document that as well! So, here are a bit more photos – courtesy of Francisca’s camera.



It was such a fun lovely day! We were laughing so hard I’m surprised the waitress didn’t hush us and it was great to finally get together and catch up on tons of things. I wish we had more time together. The rest of them actually watched Rio 2 after but, sadly, I had to work. Oh wells! Until next time! ❤

PS: Special thanks to the kind staff and helpful stranger who helped us take our group photos. (:

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