Gratitude List: Week 17

  1. Exercised thrice this week – though not as intense.
  2. A very calming and serene ado session and mass – even if I only went once for each this week.
  3. Finding “The Daily Post” page and finding an interesting community of WordPress bloggers.
  4. Having a sister who actually reads my blog and understands my book addiction.
  5. Still getting together with my university catholic friends for a prayer meeting – and having a very spiritually empowered session.
  6. Breaking fast and celebrating Easter at The Marmalade Pantry with my girl friends (see blog post here).
  7. Sunday (Divine Mercy) Mass, sharing, and lunch with mom.
  8. A day of board games and drinks with my young adults community. We played Balderdash, Taboo, Card of the Dead, and Sitting Ducks! My tummy is aching from all the laughing.
    IMG-20140427-WA0008 2

Well, it’s nothing much this past week. But I do (hopefully) have an exciting week ahead so, catch you again next Sunday for 2014’s week 18 gratitude list! Until then, all the best! ❤


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