30DBC: Day 13 – Your Favorite Writer

Good Monday, everyone! It’s Day 13 of our 30 Day Book Challenge! Thank you for following me and keeping up. I hope you like my posts. Also, do check out Cumuloquoise‘s site – I’m doing the challenge with her and she has some pretty interesting choices and reviews too.

So, today’s topic is “your favourite writer.” Honestly, this is the most difficult question in this challenge for me. I’ve never, not once, given this a thought before. I tend to get attached to the characters more than I feel close to the writers themselves.

I’d like to choose someone from the classics like CS Lewis, Edgar Allan Poe, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Ralph Waldo Emerson or Virginia Woolf. But I realised I don’t know much about them. I don’t even think I’m familiar with their bibliography. Then I thought, which writer’s books have I read the most? And, that boils down to J. K. Rowling, John Green, David Levithan, Mitch Albom, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Stephen King. I actually read more than a handful of books for each of them – even completing the entire collection for some. Well, all except Tolkien’s collection. I don’t really like John Green nor David Levithan. And, I already shared about Stephen King twice during this challenge on this post and this. So, I guess, I’m left with J. K. Rowling and Mitch Albom.

And tonight, I’m going to say that my favourite writer is Mitch Albom. I don’t follow his sports activities nor charitable engagements so I’m not really sure how he is like as a person. That said, I have read all his books and he is one of my favourite writers. In fact, I have a hard copy for all of them which were bought on the first week the book was released. To put things into context, I don’t normally buy physical books because they’re easily available online, through friends or the library. So, me buying Albom’s books implies that they are worthy of keeping – that they are special and are close to my heart.

I like Mitch Albom for the stories that he writes – they’re  like the fictional version of the self-help books I enjoyed as a child. His books are honest and thought-provoking. Actually, all of us know his writing style, the story, the plot and the moral story behind Albom’s novels. His writing style is creative but not superb, he’s plot line is predictable and unsurprising. Buying his book is like bringing home a pie from the household bakeshop down the road – it’s familiar and hits close to home. But, the difference lies in that Albom actually pens the stories down. He immortalises the uncomfortable shadow and awkward memories in our minds and hearts. He builds characters – one we can relate with, create a plot we are familiar with, and then weaves a moral story for us to reflect on and learn.

Honestly, Albom’s novels always tugged a heartstring in me. I don’t recall reading his books without my stomach turning, my chest feeling heavy nor my eyes going watery. I especially like the life lessons Albom imparts with us. Some of them are wise eye-openers while others are beautiful reminders of the person I’d like to be. It teaches me how to lead my life, how to reconcile broken relationships, value the people in our lives and how I’d like to die. The lessons and novels so wonderful that I know I’d keep Albom’s books so that I can share them to my children in the future.

So yes, one of my favourite writer is Mitch Albom. And, I can’t wait to share which one of his book is my favourite tomorrow.

In the meantime, do visit Cumuloquoise‘s site to find out who her favourite writer is. I’m told to expect a really long post. I’m sure it’s nothing like my haphazard post today.

Catch ya tomorrow! (:


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