A Lunch at the Park

Well, lunch wasn’t exactly at the park. Instead, we had it a the “container” looking thing near HSBC and Starbucks at Holland Village. It’s a gastro bar called “Park” (facebook page here).

Apparently, it was constructed from an old shipping container and is powered by solar energy. That’s really smart given all the sun it can have in the middle of an old parking lot. IMG_0323

I must say that the design is pretty interesting. It has an indoor and outdoor dining choice – and both are pretty cooling. But, given the space constraint, the area is rather narrow. It might not be the place for big groups. It’s seems good for a weekend chillax session.

An idea might be to have acoustic performance on weekend nights on their space outside… People can just have chairs and beers, no need for tables. What do you think?


I was intrigued and attracted to the wine dispenser. I wonder how much this wine dispenser cost… and if rich people have this in their house? Do you think it’s a smart investment to have one? Haha. IMG_0320

Tuna Tartate – Bluefin tuna with avocado mousse, cold angel hair pasta, tobikko and mushroom confit. Ryan was initially disappointed because there wasn’t as much squid ink as he hoped but he actually liked it in the end.IMG_0311

Alfredo Penne with Turkey Ham – pretty self-explanatory. And, what I call, Jesper’s safe choice. Haha! (:IMG_0312

Pulled Pork Burger – Shredded Pork cooked in brown sauce and balsamic caramelised onions on sesame seed bun. It sounds sooo good on the menu.IMG_0315 Look at that size! You can choose to have it with 2 sides too – so I chose fries (3 stars) and mesclun salad. It was good but not fantastic, though.IMG_0316Here’s Margie’s Truffled Mac and Cheese. The whole reason why we came here. It looks petite but it’s quite filling.IMG_0317 IMG_0318

I’d say that the food is good and decent. Given the location and the concept, it’s a reasonable price. However, it’s not something I’d crave to go back to – except maybe for those random Saturday brunch cravings (since it’s near my friend’s place).

And, we successfully managed to take a group photo. Yay! We don’t usually do so this is a rare opportunity.

IMG_0322If you do go though, please try the truffled fries and tell me what you think. Heh!

Tata! ❤


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