30DBC: Day 11 – A Book You Hated

From favourites to least liked ones, the topic for today’s 30 Day Book Challenge is “A Book I Hated.”

So, it’s a great opportunity for me to rant about a sucky book which I read late last year. It’s called “Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight” by M.E. Thomas.

It’s a memoir written by M.E. Thomas, a high-functioning diagnosed sociopath sharing how she induces people to invest in her financial schemes, vote for her causes, and even join her in bed. She has her own system of ethics and thrives on bending and occasionally breaking the rules. She is a charismatic charmer, an ambitious self-promoter, a cunning and calculating liar, a scheming predator – and I loath her!

It was interesting at first. After all, how often do we have a close insight on a sociopath’s mind, right? But, after a few pages, the book just rapidly became repetitive and tiresome. It was so poorly written – disjointed and amateurish. Instead of sharing a holistic unbiased view, Thomas presented herself as someone shallow, superficial, and unlikable. She basically spent her time bragging about her condition and talking about how superior she is. Plus, attempting to sprinkle her story with historical information and scientific research just made her sound even more fake and pretentious. She couldn’t relate to people? Funny! I couldn’t relate to her at all!

Furthermore, there was a point when she talked about how gullible or naive “empaths” are. I’d like to think of myself as someone friendly and helpful. But, if a “sociopath” like M.E. Thomas was taking advantage of me. Ohmygosh! I’ll just be so freaking pissed off! In fact, I was feeling so offended when she was sharing about how she’d take advantage of “nice people” because… she can. Apparently, she thinks she’s so charming that she is doing others a favour by letting them help her and be around to her. What a narcissist!

“It was too late, though: I was already too smart for the therapist. Or maybe I was never amenable to therapy. Either way, I wasn’t going to change. I had already chosen to view the world as a set of opportunities at winning or losing in a zero-sum game, and I used every encounter to gain information to my advantage.”

― M.E. Thomas

I guess I should have expected such an obnoxious personality when reading a sociopath’s memoir. But, I just couldn’t help feeling angry and irritated as well. As a high-functioning sociopath, she was meant to be charming right? Well, sorry but she didn’t charm me at all. She was just plain insufferable.

I’m actually really shocked I finished the book. (Unfortunately, I paid for it.) Halfway through, the only thing registering in my head was blah blah blah blah blah. If I wasn’t using an e-reader (my dear Kobo), I probably would have hurled the book across the room. To save yourself the trouble, just don’t read it. Please.

That said, since she’s just one case study – we don’t have to completely base our opinions about sociopath on her seemingly unreliable narration. Keep an open mind still.

For other books to NOT read, please visit Cumuloquoise and find out which book she hates the most. I’m excited to know what she’ll choose too. We’ll then catch you tomorrow for “a book we used to love but don’t anymore.”



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