Gratitude List: Week 15

  1. Jogged 3km three times this week! (:
  2. Went for Mass (thrice-inc Palm Sunday) and Penitential Service.
  3. Finished Gyllian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. Halfway through David Levithan’s How They Met.
  4. Doing the 30 Day Book Challenge and having a friend like Cumuloquoise to do it with. (do check our posts!)
  5. Friends who call me for help in the middle of the night coz our friendship is on that level. ❤
  6. Lunch at Crossings Cafe… and being accidentally featured in the papers. Haha!
    IMG-20140411-WA0000  IMG-20140411-WA0001
  7. Graduated from YMCA-NUS Volunteer Service Management Programme!
  8. Poulet Roti and Truffle Mashed Potato – yummy!
    20140412_201431  20140412_201437
  9. Children, families and volunteers who genuinely appreciate what I do…
  10. Visiting RWS’s Ocean Suite and Staying Over at Hotel Michael.
    IMG-20140413-WA0023 IMG-20140413-WA0021
  11. (Grandma) Ama Aida’s Birthday Celebration (even though I wasn’t there…) ❤
    2014-04-14 12.24.18 IMG-20140413-WA0015

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