30DBC Day 3 – Your Favorite Series

Well, this is rather easy since I don’t have much to choose from. I generally don’t like reading books in series. My defence? Why should I read 3 books with 1 story when I can read 3 books with 3 different stories? But a challenge is a challenge so I dug deep to explore my choices.

Hmm… In my pre/teen years, I read are Goosebumps, Choose Your Own Adventure, Sweet Valley High – which I frankly don’t recall anymore. If any, I was faithful to the Archie/Jughead/Betty and Veronica comic series. Haha. So now, I’m left with the ones recent enough for me to remember – The Harry Potter World, The Twilight Saga, and The Shining/Doctor Sleep series. Since Harry Potter is such a cliche and Twilight is just plain mortifying, I’m proud to scream, “Stephen King’s The Shining and Doctor Sleep Sleep!” Yay!

Stephen-King-by-Shane-Leonard-300x450The-Shining-the-shining-14683577-332-500 Doctor Sleep Book Cover

I read this (mini) series back to back and that whole period was super intense! I watched Carrie movie and started on The Shining at the same time then, surprisingly, Doctor Sleep was released as soon as I finished. So, unquestionably, I had to devour that too. Stephen King is undeniably the most macabre and goosebump-raising author on my shelf. The whole idea was just amazing – a haunted hotel with trapped ghost manipulating the father of a child with “six sense.” The character and plot development was brilliant. I felt invested in every character and hung to every small move in the isolated hotel. I was so immersed in The Overlook Hotel’s that I continuously imagine Danny Torrance hearing Tony, fearing the moving animal bushes, and seeing people with mosquitos before their face.

In addition, I liked that The Shining and Doctor were similar yet different at the same time. I thought the sequel would disappoint, but it was really just as good. And, I appreciate that Dick Holloran was there again – real cool fella. I’m gonna leave the rest of the explanation for tomorrow. Anyway, if you intend to start reading horror novels, this is a must read! Start with it!

By the way, I have Dean Kootz’s The Odd Thomas and Ender’s Game series on my to read list – so my answer might change next time. Keep in touch!

In the meantime, check out Cumuloquoise for her 30DBC’s favourite series post. ❤


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