Gratitude List: Week 14

  1. Steph – for having dinner with me on Monday, and giving me notebooks with no lines and lovely covers! 😀
  2. Starting “30 Questions” with Steph and Aly – Basically, we prepared 30 questions for one another to answer one daily in just three points. The idea is basically to help us reflect about ourselves or remind us of things we’ve forgotten. (Aly’s question for me today is “In what ways are you beautiful?”) So yups, been looking forward to that everyday since.
  3. Ado Time with God twice this week and Sunday mass! Yeah! (:
  4. Having lunch and dinner with friendly volunteers – on two separate days with two different groups. With a McFlurry to reward me.
  5. Finally watching the “How I Met Your Mother” finale – which, btw, I think was like a fan reply video with a terrible ending. Let me find the time to elaborate that on a separate post.


(Image Source: lifeandstylemag)

6. Having a spontaneous Friday at Turf City with yummy food and a rum cake made in heaven. Check it out on this post.
7. A work-filled Saturday with Jungle Breakfast, River Safari, Iron Man and Captain America, and a looong afternoon/evening nap.

IMG_0136 IMG_0378

8. Whatsapp, Skype and SMSes – for helping me keep in touch with my sisters and friends even when I’m busy with work (and while I’m at work). I can’t remember how we used to survive pre-handphones.

Anyway, this week, I want to add in jogging time for 2 days, 1 weekday mass, and finish 2 books please. It’s gonna be a challenge coz my weekday is already filled with work. But, go go go!



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