A Friday Night at Turf City

I had a spontaneous trip to Turf City last Friday – for a nice meaty trip.

Here’s some snapshots of the sumptuous treats I had.

Presenting Yaroa – a triple meat dish with roasted roots. The beef was coated with mustard seeds (tender and juice) and the pulled pork was super soft, tasty, and delicious. You can get this from Sea Salt Caribbean Deli. I want to go back to try their pulled pork sandwich – yummy!


This is pork loin, couscous, and mashed potato. Well, there’s nothing much special about this dish. But! If you dip this pork to the oil/grease from the aforementioned pulled pork, that’s perfect, man! I can’t remember the name of the place where we got this though – sorry! But, it’s the place right beside the cheese shop below.


I like this quiet “shelter” filled with cheese/goat photographs. It’s quaint and homey – and away from all the people walking around. So this is where we situated ourselves. Nice huh?

IMG_0109 And presenting the reason we were at Turf City in the first place. This rum caramel chocolate cake with walnuts called “Naomi” from Laman’s Delight is a must-try! I swear! It has the right softness, moistness, and chocolate taste. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she was super generous with the rum! (;


This is how the shop looks like. And the Russian lady owner, Laman, is super nice. If it isn’t busy, you can fancy a friendly chat with her. (:


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