Basilico Restaurant




I was at Basilico Restaurant last Saturday. It’s a posh Italian restaurant at Regent Hotel, tucked in the other side of Orchard Road.

I must say that the ambience was really warm and good. My friend and I got a lunch buffet, just food no drinks, worth sgd46++. I must say that given the price, it was really worth it. They also have variations with free flow of juice or free flow of wine options. Plus, the staff was friendly and accommodating. I chatted with a few of them and that made a huge difference.

Here are some photos I took.

This is the centre table for the yummy appetisers including ham, cheese, salad, cold cuts. Someone was cutting the ham and there was a long queue here initially. But, that just makes you want to have it more.


Here’s some of my tasting plates. As you can see, there’s a few pasta and pizza choices. The lamb and pork ribs was good. The wagyu beef is my fave!

I made a wrong move of not taking a photo of the desert table from the beginning. It looked amazing! I must say that it was the highlight of the place! The dessert choices were wide and devilishly. There were cake, canapés, tarts. The crème brûlée and chocolate mouse cake is a must try. Plus, they had sorbet too! My tip is to have a friend to share the desserts with so that you can try everything.IMG_0099 IMG_0092

If you’re not don’t like buffet. They have à la carte choices as well. II find that this is more for those who want to exclusivity and the service. But, each dish has an average price of sgd30 so the buffet might be worth that walk.

Bon Appétit!


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