Music: Carefree, Colourful, Cheerful.

It drizzled and rained almost everyday last week! I was super happy coz the plants and trees (hopefully) finally had their thirst quenching drink. Yay!

This week, Singapore is back to being its sunny self – sometimes a bit too hot. But well, thou shall wear sunglasses and look on the brighter side of life. So… I spent my time looking for Youtube songs/videos to complement the weather and my mood.

Here they are.

1. George Morgan – You Say

Not only do I enjoy the chirpy tunes, I like the laidback video as well. Beach-check! guitar-check! some guy jamming with it-check! (:

2. Me & Mrs F – Love Is On The Radio

Oooh I’m sharing this video to tell you how much I like the Fletcher’s room! I love the shelves, christmas lights, pink ukulele, xylophone and love-all-around feel! Btw, their baby Buzz is out of the oven. Follow Tom Fletcher’s hilarious “new daddy” tweets here!


3. Megan Davies feat David Smith – Over Again (Cover)

Originally by One Direction

Can’t believe this is a 1D song! Anyway, I like David’s place – it looks really warm and welcoming. The bike and guitars seem perfect for a cycling-cum-picnic date. Tee hee!


4. Stassi – Higher Love (Cover)

Originally by James Vincent McMorrow / Steve Winwood

Well, the sound editing can be smoother.. but, I like Stacci’s voice and her rendition of this song – not too upbeat, nor too slow. The tempo seems to bring more hope to her request of “bring[ing] higher love.” haha.

5. Adam Barnes – She Will Stay Beneath The Moon

I actually prefer this acoustic version but I like Zoella’s “lookbook” video a lot. So, ta da! I know it has a more autumn (not summer) feel but Zoe’s so carefree here and everything’s so vibrant and colourful! Me likey!

6. He is We feat Owl City – All About Us

Same thing goes for this. In fact, the video is rather old but I still like it – a happier and more concise version of “A Walk to Remember.” And, in light of ‘The Fault in our Stars” movie coming out soon, what the heck!…


7. Kyle Andrews – You Always Make Me Smile

Happy acoustic song, colourful shirt, water balloon fight! ‘Nuff said.


I hope this playlist help you get by the rest of the week!


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