Fairy Godmother Files: 12 Months!

This week (as of 18 March), I’ve officially been working as a fairy godmother for a whooole year.  To date, I think I have granted about 50 wishes. WOW! Imagine. Time sure flies, huh?

Being a “fairy godmother” sure is a fun and unique experience – it’s not perfect but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. On top of my wish granting projects (which I can’t share), I’m glad to have work-related things which help me get by. Unfortunately, my gold-fish memory tends to forget them (especially on terrible days). So, today, I’d like to look back on the “magical and memorable” things that have happened over the past year – to remind myself and to share them with you too.

1. Firstly, this is how it’s like in the office…
We basically plan how to make children happier, stronger, and more hopeful. So, there are photo props, post its, music, selfies, yummies and many more! After all, we have to emulate what we preach, right? (:


2. We go for events… and pass it off as “work.”
For the record, we really were working. And, yup! That’s a dinner with The Muttons, a F1 party, a Hawaiian party, an art exhibition and a Halloween party. events.jpg

3. People talk about (and write articles) about what we do.
I enjoy meeting people and I’m really pleased to be in a position to work with beneficiaries, their families, donors, sponsors, volunteers, suppliers, the media, etc. There’s never a dull moment!

4. People can be very generous to help and very grateful for receiving.
I’ve witnessed how people are (generally) willing to help for a good cause. And, how people are very grateful for what they receive (no matter how simple). As a sign of gratitude, I have actually received yummies, letters of thanks, and even a plant! All these never cease to amaze me nor fail to give me hope, even until now.gifts.jpg

5. The volunteers I meet are wonderful!
With a huge heart and a wide smile, the volunteers are amazingly creative, uber resourceful, and are always willing to help. Just like the wish children, the wish granters inspire me so much! I’m even good friends with some of them. And, yep, we get to dress up in (princess) costumes too!vollies

6. And, I must say, we take fun, fantastic, fabulous photos – with Polaroids and photo booths.photobooth.jpg

7. Work life balance.
To keep you energy high and not get drained, I think it’s important to know how to work hard and we play harder. That, we do. Photos were taken at Ku De Ta and Morton’s Steakhouse respectively – yum! (:

8. In fact, when it comes to Christmas parties, we go BIG!
There’s food, games, rides, bouncy castles, candy house, entertainers, costume players, competitions, and lucky draws. With a thousand-long attendees, our annual Christmas party is as good as going to the North Pole itself. Believe me.

9. Some things may change, but the important things don’t.
Like our cause, our mission, and our friendships – they will always remain the same (I hope) .

Oh. and some of my personal perks:

10. Balloons!
I get to take photos with a whole bunch of balloons all the time! If I could consolidate all the balloons I’ve handled, I would probably have flown far far away by now…balloons.jpg

11. More photo-ops!
If the event/party/meeting has cool stuff to take photos with, capture the moment. So here’s Iron Man, Mochi (corgi doggie), Mr Terracota, Power Ranger (?), and Spiderman for you.

12. Last but not the least, business trips!
In the past year, I’ve been sent over to Hong Kong and Korea for work. This is a huge surprise since I’m working in a non-profit organisation. But the circumstances call for it. It isn’t how I imagine my business trips would be, but I’m still really glad to be given the opportunity to do so. I guess, sometimes, things just fall into place. (:trips.jpg

With all that, please note that my job is not all peachy and perfect. In fact, it’s a very physically and emotionally exhausting job. There are tough times, but let’s keep those for next time. It’s just that, I prefer looking at the bright side. Plus, when I scroll through my blog in the future, I’d like see the good, happy memories greeting me hello.

So, for those, who are feeling jaded, let’s try to look at the bright side. Find some work-related things which may help you get through and remind you the reason “why.” For those who are job searching, please persevere and strive on. It may be really tough but, some things make it all worth it.

Ta ta for now! ❤


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